Friday, April 28, 2017

Laundry never Stops

Sometimes in life it feels like a mom is constantly doing Laundry and dishes.... they seriously multiply and replenish the earth!

Well this week.... Karli had some loose stool 2 days in a row that happened to drench her bed as well. Then yesterday the poor little princess had a tummy bug and I just kept getting surprise after surprise eruptions.

I sent this message to Ryan saying... with the question of WHAT IS THAT IN HER BED? Well it wasn't diarrhea!

 Poor thing! Breaks my heart to have a sick Princess!

She made it through the boys Tball game without being sick until.... we got in the car. Then she thought her entire carseat should be washed!

Today she has done so well and must be feeling better! Daddy gave her a blessing last night! #prayersareheard

Life is MESSY

Well today has been so exciting around the house! Calvin was at school and I thought it was only appropriate to take advantage of cleaning the house. I had swept the kitchen, vacuumed the living room and was about to carpet clean the living room. Karli had a stomach bug yesterday and vomited everything all over the house all day so I wanted to give the carpets a good cleaning. There's no harm in that right. Well... I was apparently to focused on my cleaning experience to know that in the office room the 2 littles (Hudson & Karli) were playing in their own form of snow. He is the surprise I got as they came running in happily to show me:

Initially I may have been a tiny weeny bit ANGRY! But Hudson could see it in my eyes that I was going to burst if he didn't help clean it up. I calmly said OHHHHH I just barely finished sweeping and vacuuming.... I may have had some tears in my eyes as I was talking. Hudson ran to the laundry room and came out with the vacuum that I had put away 2 minutes prior. What a sweet little boy to help clean up the messy life.

One of the many lessons I have learned from having kids is ... life is MESSY! So Why Not Find Joy Among the Mess! Honestly, I will never be able to have a house keeper come to clean my house weekly and I am okay with that. One day I will look back and my kids will be grown up and I will miss this messy house! I'm sorry to all those who visit and always see one kind of a mess or another. Sometimes it takes the messy moments of life to make us humble, to keep us human. I love perfection which is why I am sure that I was given these crazy, messy, loving and precious kidlets. 

Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's for sure a boy!!!

My Sweet Calvin!!!

Calvin Ryan Stoddard was born July, 2nd 2010!!!

This sweet miracle enter our lives at 8:30 pm weighing 7 lbs 9 oz. He is the most precious thing in this world! I am so grateful to be a mommy and have such an amazing blessing in my life!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Baby's Room

Here are the Pictures I promised of the baby's Room! It is all done and ready for the cute little Man!!! We can't wait to see him!

The up-close & personal view of Ryan's art work!

We also hiked Adam's Canyon this past week and here are some cute pictures of the trip! We made it all the way to the top!! It was beautiful!

This is Ryan & I at a baby shower that RC Willey did for us! I talked him into going with me! I even think he kinda enjoyed it!!! What a sweet little daddy he is gonna be!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ryan's 25th Birthday Party!

Ryan showing off his new racquetball glasses! He looks like a true stud in this picture! He actually hates this picture but it makes me & the baby giggle so I wanted to help everyone smile today as well! ~:)

Wow, how time flies!

Apparently it has been over a month since our last blog; therefore, I felt the need to update ya'll on what is occurring in our lives these days!

So, I am almost 38 weeks and getting so excited for this little man to get here! Our doctor went out of town when I was 36 weeks hence I had to see his PA that week. I had been having alot of contractions and the night before my appointment they were so strong that I was fixen to wake up Ryan but they weren't consistent. When I told the PA about this she did a biophysical profile and hooked me up to the monitors on the non-stress test to make sure that the baby was handling the contractions good. Everything looked great and she came back in and said that if I kept having contractions like that then she thought I would have the baby in the next 48-72hrs.... Well, that didn't work out so well for us! As you can see that was about a week and 1/2 ago and still no baby boy :( I want the baby to be healthy and ready but Ryan and I were just a little bummed b/c we are so excited for him.

On Sunday Ryan kept talking to my baby when we went to church b/c he was getting jealous of all the dad's holding their cute baby's. The doctor was back this last week and said that he will either meet us at the hospital or see us next week. We are hoping for the hospital but.... well.... you never know.

This last week was Ryan's birthday on the 6th! He turned the big 25...a quarter of a century old! I always pick on him being an old toot b/c he is 3 yrs older than me! But I love him! He was so excited b/c he got some new games for the wii and some new shirts which he so desperately needed. I didn't realize that he was wearing the same set of shirts each week until he started his new design job and I would lay out his clothes while he was in the shower. I kept getting so frustrated b/c I couldn't remember which shirt he had worn on Friday so that I didn't set that same shirt out on Monday. He had to wear like polos or dress shirts when he was working at the hospital! So needless to say... he had definitely got some cute shirts now! His parents got him some racquetball glasses b/c Ryan is gonna start play with his dad! Ryan and his dad now car pull to work and so they will stay after one day so that Ryan can become a professional racquetball player! We shall see how that whole experience goes!

We also had our 3 year anniversary on the 7th! I surprised Ryan at his new job and we went out to eat and to the gateway to see Iron man 2! We had a very fun time! All the walking still didn't help the baby come :( but we did buy him a cute onsie on our adventure that says... "My 1st 4th of July" The reason he had to get the outfit was b/c that is his due date and it has the year and everything! We also wanted to get away for our last big adventure before the baby to celebrate our anniversary as well. Originally we wanted to get away for the weekend to like Vegas or somewhere adventurous but we decided that probably wasn't a good idea anymore since I didn't have much longer until my due date and the PA told me that week that the baby could come anytime. After much contemplation we ended up going to the Marriott in Layton for a night (we could stay free with our marriott points!). It was very relaxing and a good get away for that Thursday evening.

Then on Friday night we debated about what to do again but I started to have a ton of contractions so we decided to stay home that night in case anything more happened. It turns out my contractions calmed down and we slept kinda peacefully. We ended up going to SLC to a Marriott for Saturday b/c Ryan and I were pretty depressed that nothing was really happening very consistent with my contractions. We had a fun relaxing night again! Although it wasn't the get away we intended, it was amazing and very necessary!

We have also had some baby showers since I last posted as well! The baby is all set and ready to come into this world now but I think he has definitely inherited his momma's fear of change. He is scared to some it seems! The baby got an adorable high chair, clothes, a bumbo (in which Ryan is probably the most excited about), tons of cute clothes, blankets, diapers, a swing.... Ryan has also almost completed the drawing on the wall and we got his crib all set up and ready to go. The baby is gonna love is adorable room and all his little presents! We are just too excited for him...and want to hold his cute bottom!!!

Oh I almost forgot... I finished my 1st yr of nursing school as you know but .... I am now a LPN!!! I am officially a nurse! Right now I do not have a nursing job because I wanted to wait until after the baby comes to find one since I would probably starting if the job the same week I had the little guy! Ryan and I also talked about how we are going to wait and see how things go before I just jump into a new job, since I'll have a new baby and I start school back at the end of August with my RN year! Ryan's mom, Karen, is going to help me watch the baby while i'm at school and clinicals so we shall see about the nursing job later after much prayer!

Besides us, we found out that our little man is fixen to have a new cousin as well in November! My brother Deron & Ashley are gonna have a baby in November and will find out soon what they are having!! We are excited for them and excited our kids will have cousins close to their age since my other nieces and nephew are 15, 14, 13 and 7! My oldest sister and I are about 13 years apart in age which is the reason her children are just growing up too fast!

Some of the family is coming to Utah this summer to visit Sean and us! Jan and her family were gonna come originally spring break time I believe but I am glad they are waiting until July b/c the baby will be here!! My mom is coming June 28th and saying for a few weeks to help me learn how to be a mom! It will be so nice having her here with me. My dad and Shelly are coming June 30th and staying for a couple weeks. We are planning on having the baby's blessing probably the 2nd Sunday in July if everything goes good because I wanted to do it while my parents are in town. We are excited for everyone to come! It will be fun to see everyone and Sean will enjoy the company down in lonely lake Powell as well!
Well I believe that catches you up on what has occurred in our lives this last month. It is probably more detailed than you would like but we need to be better about the blog! We love ya'll and hope your days are full of joy until we meet again!