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11 Weeks- Second Appointment

Well Kim is now 11 weeks! We can't believe how fast this is going and how big our little critter is growing!! The baby seemed to be as excited as we were to see eachother again cause it was bouncing up and down and waving at us! :) What appears to be a rather big nose was actually its hand waving all excitedly!! The doctor said everything looks perfect and that by next visit we will be able to tell the sex!! This is simply a miracle! I feel so extremely blessed and overwhelmed at the same time.

7 Weeks- First Appointment

HOLY FREAKING COW!!! There is a baby growing in there!! Here is the first view of our little peanut. We got to see the baby's little heartbeat. It is sooo small and so fragile. It's not even a centimeter long! Today was one of the most special moments of our lives. I cannot even begin to fathom the responsibility and joy this little person is going to bring into our lives. The doctor said everything looks great! And the adventure begins...and we couldn't be happier!


WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!!! I CANNOT BELIEVE IT!! Well we always said once that we got pregnant we would have a blog! Well that day has arrived!!! I cant even describe the emotions that I felt as Kim ecstatically shoved the pee stick in my face with the pregnant sign on it. Kim was enthusiastically jumping up and down and karate chopping the air yelling, "We are having a baby! We are having a baby!" I, myself, was extremely happy as well. However, I would be lying if I didn't admit that I was deeply overwhelmed with the realization that this was really going to happen. I know we all told you that this was still a few years off, but Kim and I had talked about it and felt like it was the right time. We decided to try for one month and if it didn't work then we would wait for another year so that the baby could be born in the summer between school. Just my luck it happened the first month...haha. All I can say is I must be da MAN! haha...WE ARE PREGNANT!!! I still can'…