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It's for sure a boy!!!

My Sweet Calvin!!!
Calvin Ryan Stoddard was born July, 2nd 2010!!!
This sweet miracle enter our lives at 8:30 pm weighing 7 lbs 9 oz. He is the most precious thing in this world! I am so grateful to be a mommy and have such an amazing blessing in my life!

Baby's Room

Here are the Pictures I promised of the baby's Room! It is all done and ready for the cute little Man!!! We can't wait to see him!

The up-close & personal view of Ryan's art work!

We also hiked Adam's Canyon this past week and here are some cute pictures of the trip! We made it all the way to the top!! It was beautiful!

This is Ryan & I at a baby shower that RC Willey did for us! I talked him into going with me! I even think he kinda enjoyed it!!! What a sweet little daddy he is gonna be!

Ryan's 25th Birthday Party!

Ryan showing off his new racquetball glasses! He looks like a true stud in this picture! He actually hates this picture but it makes me & the baby giggle so I wanted to help everyone smile today as well! ~:)

Wow, how time flies!

Apparently it has been over a month since our last blog; therefore, I felt the need to update ya'll on what is occurring in our lives these days!
So, I am almost 38 weeks and getting so excited for this little man to get here! Our doctor went out of town when I was 36 weeks hence I had to see his PA that week. I had been having alot of contractions and the night before my appointment they were so strong that I was fixen to wake up Ryan but they weren't consistent. When I told the PA about this she did a biophysical profile and hooked me up to the monitors on the non-stress test to make sure that the baby was handling the contractions good. Everything looked great and she came back in and said that if I kept having contractions like that then she thought I would have the baby in the next 48-72hrs.... Well, that didn't work out so well for us! As you can see that was about a week and 1/2 ago and still no baby boy :( I want the baby to be healthy and ready but Ryan and I were…

Cute Little Boy!

These last few weeks have just flown bye and have been full of so much excitement! I finished my first year of nursing school and I am scheduled to take my NCLEX (LPN nursing test)! I'm so excited to have that test over with so I can finish getting things ready for the baby because he will be here in less than 8 weeks! I haven't been studying as much as I should because I can't concentrate because I keep getting stressed out about not having things ready for the baby... You all the little new moms get really stressed before the baby comes! I have also started to go to this zumba class with some friends from RcWilley's because I have been a little depressed since my aerobics class got over. Zumba kicks my butt for sure however, I love the class.
Ryan has been loving his new job! He keeps coming home and saying... I can't believe they pay me to do this... because he enjoys it so much! He is use to drawing and designing for free or well paying to do that with school..…

12 Weeks, 1 Day Left...but who's counting?

So as many of you have amply pointed out it has been a while since we've updated you on the greatest blessing of our lives. We officially only have 85 days till the big day!! If Kim has her way, it will be coming even sooner! haha. She is getting cuter by the day and really does glow with happiness. We are both so excited to become parents! The baby is quite the mover these days. He tosses and turns and kicks all the time now making sure we don't forget about him. The other night I was suddenly startled awake. It took me a second to realize what had woke me was him! I had fallen asleep holding Kim's stomach and he was in there doing his nighly exercise routine or something. I realize this is the first of THOUSANDS of times to come of getting woken up by kids...too late to turn back now! haha...not that we would ever want to!

He's had the hiccups a couple of times, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever! We get to see him again on Monday for Kim's next d…

I'm 20 Weeks..and We Found out...It's a .....

This week has been really exciting. I'm 20 WEEKS! I'm half way done!!! Oh dear! The baby's gonna be here before I know it!!!
Not only did we get to see the cute little baby and know that it is growing right... we found out what I am having...
Here we are waiting patiently at the doctors office!!!! It's a baby BOY!!! He wasn't a shy little bug yesterday well kinda... When the doctor tried to get a good 3D picture of his profile the cute little boy just hid. He had both hands and both feet in front of his face! What a silly boy! We are excited!! We got to listen to all 4 chambers of the heart and see that it is growing to be a little chuncker... Apparently babies usually weigh 12-13oz and he weighted 14oz. So everyone can rest assured knowing I have been feeding the little squirt good! I even went out and bought some cute little boy outfits yesterday because all I really have are girl clothes... whoops!! His room is going to be a monkey theme. Ryan is excited because he …

19 Weeks Today!!! Almost half way there!!

The baby might just become a Nurse or Doctor!

This past week the baby has been such a cutie pie! Every time I was in my nursing class the baby would be tossing and turning and making me start to giggle. When the baby moves it is sometimes a little ticklish and makes me smile. I love to feel the baby move. It is so cute! I have felt the baby moving so much this past week, but I shall say it does love my nursing classes the most of all so far. We joke that it must be because it will become a nurse or doctor one day! Today we went to one of Ryan's cousin's baby blessing and my baby starting kicking my bladder during the event... probably because my cute baby knew the little babies getting blessed at church :)
I am so excited for the baby to come! I keep trying to plan all these things that won't happen for at least 20 weeks, but it is so exciting I cannot seem to help myself! The baby is super distracting from school and I'm sure it will just get worse especially next year!
This past week has been a busy one for all th…

Boy or Girl??

About a week ago something really cute happened. Ryan and I were watching an episode of house and I had fallen asleep. Well all of the sudden Ryan wakes me up and says, "Don't move." He had his hands on my stomach and whispers, "...I think I can feel the baby moving!" It was the cutest thing ever. He is such a happy papa! I love him!

So this past Thursday we went to the doctor as many of you know and had another ultrasound. The cute baby was all curled up even though I tried waking the baby before the doctor came into the room. Obviously that did not work out to well. The baby started moving around a little bit, but needless to say when the baby would open the legs the doctor could not see anything very well. The umbilical cord was running right between the babies legs...and it was for sure the umbilical cord unless the other is red and blue on an ultrasound. (Ryan gets a chuckle when people tell him he should be a proud papa because he has got a son for sure!!)…

The Stoddard Blog Goes Live!

Well everyone, we too have finally joined the thrilling world of blogging. We decided long ago that since our lives weren't too exciting we would wait till we had some major life change to start. Well, as you probably already know...WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! We have already made a few posts about some exciting parts of the way, but now that everyone knows we are finally letting everyone check it out! haha...We are extremely thrilled to share with everyone all our adventures and hope you enjoy reading our posts every now and then. If not, thats fine. It will just serve as a journal of sorts. Well here we go...