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Boy or Girl??

About a week ago something really cute happened. Ryan and I were watching an episode of house and I had fallen asleep. Well all of the sudden Ryan wakes me up and says, "Don't move." He had his hands on my stomach and whispers, "...I think I can feel the baby moving!" It was the cutest thing ever. He is such a happy papa! I love him!

So this past Thursday we went to the doctor as many of you know and had another ultrasound. The cute baby was all curled up even though I tried waking the baby before the doctor came into the room. Obviously that did not work out to well. The baby started moving around a little bit, but needless to say when the baby would open the legs the doctor could not see anything very well. The umbilical cord was running right between the babies legs...and it was for sure the umbilical cord unless the other is red and blue on an ultrasound. (Ryan gets a chuckle when people tell him he should be a proud papa because he has got a son for sure!!)…

The Stoddard Blog Goes Live!

Well everyone, we too have finally joined the thrilling world of blogging. We decided long ago that since our lives weren't too exciting we would wait till we had some major life change to start. Well, as you probably already know...WE ARE HAVING A BABY!!! We have already made a few posts about some exciting parts of the way, but now that everyone knows we are finally letting everyone check it out! haha...We are extremely thrilled to share with everyone all our adventures and hope you enjoy reading our posts every now and then. If not, thats fine. It will just serve as a journal of sorts. Well here we go...