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Laundry never Stops

Sometimes in life it feels like a mom is constantly doing Laundry and dishes.... they seriously multiply and replenish the earth!

Well this week.... Karli had some loose stool 2 days in a row that happened to drench her bed as well. Then yesterday the poor little princess had a tummy bug and I just kept getting surprise after surprise eruptions.

I sent this message to Ryan saying... with the question of WHAT IS THAT IN HER BED? Well it wasn't diarrhea!
 Poor thing! Breaks my heart to have a sick Princess!
She made it through the boys Tball game without being sick until.... we got in the car. Then she thought her entire carseat should be washed!
Today she has done so well and must be feeling better! Daddy gave her a blessing last night! #prayersareheard

Life is MESSY

Well today has been so exciting around the house! Calvin was at school and I thought it was only appropriate to take advantage of cleaning the house. I had swept the kitchen, vacuumed the living room and was about to carpet clean the living room. Karli had a stomach bug yesterday and vomited everything all over the house all day so I wanted to give the carpets a good cleaning. There's no harm in that right. Well... I was apparently to focused on my cleaning experience to know that in the office room the 2 littles (Hudson & Karli) were playing in their own form of snow. He is the surprise I got as they came running in happily to show me:

Initially I may have been a tiny weeny bit ANGRY! But Hudson could see it in my eyes that I was going to burst if he didn't help clean it up. I calmly said OHHHHH I just barely finished sweeping and vacuuming.... I may have had some tears in my eyes as I was talking. Hudson ran to the laundry room and came out with the vacuum that I had put…