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National Fragile X UTAH!

There is HOPE!

We just found that the national fragile X has a Utah section on FB which is amazing. We want to be able to know what we are suppose to be doing and if we are being irrational in our requests with the school. It's so hard to not want to push your kid to be more, to be great, even when there are limitations! Calvin can and will overcome! I believe he will rise to be so great!

We have already connected with a couple of people from Utah and one of the couples actually studied with the great Dr. Randi Hagerman which I was just reading a ton about yesterday! We are gong to be ok! Hope is real!

Braden Comes home

Braden just got back from his LDS Mission to Washington. Braden is Ryan's youngest brother and the last one to get home from his mission. Pretty much the last 6 years have almost been a continual mission experience in Ryan's Family. We actually haven't had a Christmas or Mother's Day where we weren't at the Stoddard's talking on the phone with a missionary! Rob, Cameron and Braden. These boys have been amazing examples to my kids about serving missions.

Calvin was super cute holding a sign for Uncle Braden!
Ryan's siblings all get bears for when they are about to leave on missions and his sister got a bear as part of getting married! They decided it was only fitting to pose with their bears and take pictures! Classic! The bears actually go on family trips while the missionaries are gone serving the Lord. I think it's adorable!
THE REUNION Don't be confused.... The guy in the middle that looks a little Amish is actually ROB!

The amazing adventures of Tball!

Oh Tball with the boys is one of my favorite things so far to do with them! I sure love watching them play and seeing them develop talents! I can't express my gratitude for the Tball league and the coach for allowing Calvin to be on the Tball team with Hudson. Calvin has LOVED every minute of being included in what everyone else is doing!

One of my favorite things is that Calvin's sweet Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Smith came to his Tball game on Tuesday (5/9/17). She made him so nervous that he decided to lay on the nice grass when they were in the outfield.... and I may have had to run the bases right beside him. But it was the sweetest thing that she came and supported him and I loved it.

The boys also had a ton of other super fans that Tuesday night that added to Calvin's nerves but helped Hudson's adrenaline! Hudson was playing like a pro for all to see! (He may have thrown a fit the whole way to the game so I was super nervous about the fans coming to cheer him on.…

Calvin's Walking Field trip

Calvin's class did  a walking field trip around our neighborhood. I helped arrange things because I may love getting into activities a little to much. We decided to make it a treasure hunt/pirate them:)

Ryan did an amazing job at creating what I was picturing for the map of the neighborhood. At each stop the kids got treasures for their little chests I made out of strawberry containers. Then the last center they all got together for Popsicle's and a pirate story. All the ladies in the neighborhood were amazing and had awesome centers that they did with pirate themes. I love the girls in the class that live in the neighborhood. I was super happy with how happy the kids were at all the centers. One of the girls told her mom that it was the funnest day ever!
I really love Mrs. Smith and feel like she really cares about her kids in the class individually. She is very sincere and loving. I am grateful for those people in our lives that want the most out of those that they interact …


Today, I am extremely frustrated and upset!

I just got a call from Calvin's school saying that I will be having a person contacting me to set up an appointment to have a supervised visit to the life skills class but at this time they are denying me the opportunity to go observe the mild to moderate class.

WHAT THE HELL! Seriously! I refused the life skills class and right now they are saying that I can't observe the class I am requesting for Calvin to be in. That seems like a whole bunch of BS to me. Seriously, How come we were recommended to be in the 1st grade mild to moderate class for this year when Calvin clearly has so many more skills and his cognitive abilities are far exceeding what he could do last year.

Calvin just had his testing done that was the reassessment of the same test they had to take before starting kindergarten and he did amazing at it. She said he knew all his letters, all their sounds, all the sight words and did pretty good at the rest of the test. Ho…

I'm that parent!

As many people know, I am very passionate about things and especially my kids.... but who isn't. For some reason I always choose the hard route. In this case the hard route for Calvin is fighting for him... always.

My earlier post caught me in a very upset momma bear mode. Since that time I have been able to sit and think a little more clearly. I have thought about my reasoning behind my passion for putting Calvin with the highest functioning kids as possible. What I have concluded is that, I have him in hours of therapy... and I mean hours. He is doing amazing in that therapy. He is in ABA which is applied behavioral analysis with Autism Solutions and he is rocking it. We have all seen drastic improvements in his cognitive abilities. I feel like many of the reasons he is doing so well in therapy is because he wants to be like his mainstream friends in his class at school. He loves to be like those around him. Which brings me to his peer modeling again. If he is modeling high func…

Calvin's Placement

We were never told life would be easy, but it will be worth it. I pray daily that I can become the women, mother and wife our heavenly father would have me be. I definitely make tons of mistakes and have so much to work on. I wish I knew just the right the to do and just the right things to say but I don't. I am not a writer and don't claim to be good at it but I wanted to express my feelings today. I have so much frustration bottled up inside that I might explode if I don't express myself. I definitely don't know what to do when it comes to my oldest Calvin and his needs. Here is a little of what I am currently struggling with.
Calvin is a 6 year old little boy with a summer birthday. He has been developmentally delayed since I can remember. He started out in early intervention then went to specialized preschool with the district. Our goal has always been to not need an IEP and to be mainstream. I honestly didn’t even know what an IEP was until I was forced to learn …