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Braden Comes home

Braden just got back from his LDS Mission to Washington. Braden is Ryan's youngest brother and the last one to get home from his mission. Pretty much the last 6 years have almost been a continual mission experience in Ryan's Family. We actually haven't had a Christmas or Mother's Day where we weren't at the Stoddard's talking on the phone with a missionary! Rob, Cameron and Braden. These boys have been amazing examples to my kids about serving missions.

Calvin was super cute holding a sign for Uncle Braden!

Ryan's siblings all get bears for when they are about to leave on missions and his sister got a bear as part of getting married! They decided it was only fitting to pose with their bears and take pictures! Classic! The bears actually go on family trips while the missionaries are gone serving the Lord. I think it's adorable!

Don't be confused.... The guy in the middle that looks a little Amish is actually ROB!


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It's for sure a boy!!!

My Sweet Calvin!!!
Calvin Ryan Stoddard was born July, 2nd 2010!!!
This sweet miracle enter our lives at 8:30 pm weighing 7 lbs 9 oz. He is the most precious thing in this world! I am so grateful to be a mommy and have such an amazing blessing in my life!

Baby's Room

Here are the Pictures I promised of the baby's Room! It is all done and ready for the cute little Man!!! We can't wait to see him!

The up-close & personal view of Ryan's art work!

We also hiked Adam's Canyon this past week and here are some cute pictures of the trip! We made it all the way to the top!! It was beautiful!

This is Ryan & I at a baby shower that RC Willey did for us! I talked him into going with me! I even think he kinda enjoyed it!!! What a sweet little daddy he is gonna be!

Calvin's Placement

We were never told life would be easy, but it will be worth it. I pray daily that I can become the women, mother and wife our heavenly father would have me be. I definitely make tons of mistakes and have so much to work on. I wish I knew just the right the to do and just the right things to say but I don't. I am not a writer and don't claim to be good at it but I wanted to express my feelings today. I have so much frustration bottled up inside that I might explode if I don't express myself. I definitely don't know what to do when it comes to my oldest Calvin and his needs. Here is a little of what I am currently struggling with.
Calvin is a 6 year old little boy with a summer birthday. He has been developmentally delayed since I can remember. He started out in early intervention then went to specialized preschool with the district. Our goal has always been to not need an IEP and to be mainstream. I honestly didn’t even know what an IEP was until I was forced to learn …