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Calvin's Walking Field trip

Calvin's class did  a walking field trip around our neighborhood. I helped arrange things because I may love getting into activities a little to much. We decided to make it a treasure hunt/pirate them:)

Ryan did an amazing job at creating what I was picturing for the map of the neighborhood. At each stop the kids got treasures for their little chests I made out of strawberry containers. Then the last center they all got together for Popsicle's and a pirate story. All the ladies in the neighborhood were amazing and had awesome centers that they did with pirate themes. I love the girls in the class that live in the neighborhood. I was super happy with how happy the kids were at all the centers. One of the girls told her mom that it was the funnest day ever!
I really love Mrs. Smith and feel like she really cares about her kids in the class individually. She is very sincere and loving. I am grateful for those people in our lives that want the most out of those that they interact with. I pray we can always strive for more and expect nothing but the best we can each provide!


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It's for sure a boy!!!

My Sweet Calvin!!!
Calvin Ryan Stoddard was born July, 2nd 2010!!!
This sweet miracle enter our lives at 8:30 pm weighing 7 lbs 9 oz. He is the most precious thing in this world! I am so grateful to be a mommy and have such an amazing blessing in my life!

Baby's Room

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Ryan has been loving his new job! He keeps coming home and saying... I can't believe they pay me to do this... because he enjoys it so much! He is use to drawing and designing for free or well paying to do that with school..…