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Today, I am extremely frustrated and upset!

I just got a call from Calvin's school saying that I will be having a person contacting me to set up an appointment to have a supervised visit to the life skills class but at this time they are denying me the opportunity to go observe the mild to moderate class.

WHAT THE HELL! Seriously! I refused the life skills class and right now they are saying that I can't observe the class I am requesting for Calvin to be in. That seems like a whole bunch of BS to me. Seriously, How come we were recommended to be in the 1st grade mild to moderate class for this year when Calvin clearly has so many more skills and his cognitive abilities are far exceeding what he could do last year.

Calvin just had his testing done that was the reassessment of the same test they had to take before starting kindergarten and he did amazing at it. She said he knew all his letters, all their sounds, all the sight words and did pretty good at the rest of the test. How do they feel like this is okay. I HATE THE SPECIAL EDUCATION SYSTEM. Why does everything have to be a battle that I am always loosing.

Then to top it off, I looked down at my finger while I was typing to notice my wedding ring stone missing! Perfect!


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