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I'm that parent!

As many people know, I am very passionate about things and especially my kids.... but who isn't. For some reason I always choose the hard route. In this case the hard route for Calvin is fighting for him... always.

My earlier post caught me in a very upset momma bear mode. Since that time I have been able to sit and think a little more clearly. I have thought about my reasoning behind my passion for putting Calvin with the highest functioning kids as possible. What I have concluded is that, I have him in hours of therapy... and I mean hours. He is doing amazing in that therapy. He is in ABA which is applied behavioral analysis with Autism Solutions and he is rocking it. We have all seen drastic improvements in his cognitive abilities. I feel like many of the reasons he is doing so well in therapy is because he wants to be like his mainstream friends in his class at school. He loves to be like those around him. Which brings me to his peer modeling again. If he is modeling high functioning kids then he will become more high functioning. It is so hard to explain and for others to see my passion and my heart ache. I know he will never been like the kids next door but he is going up to be a very smart Calvin. The decisions we make right now will help his gap become smaller. I really believe that he is getting so much one on one help outside of the school that I want him to grow in the social skills as well as seeing how other children are learning and growing.

If we never push them then how will we know what they can do?

The hard thing about that meeting this morning was that they were focusing on Calvin's worksheets which show he is HORRIBLE at writing. Calvin really struggles with writing and it's definitely one of the things we need to work more on at home. Just like everything. But that's beside the point. A wise person once talked with me about if Calvin had no hands then we wouldn't be so focused on his writing abilities and we would look to see if he knows the information in different ways. The hard thing about Calvin and the hard thing about Fragile x is that writing is difficult to master and become good at it but he is improving, even if it is small improvements! I'll take it. His low muscles in his hands make it a harder skill to be good at. When I rest my hand on his wrist he actually can write so much better. I bought him a little hand type weight to try but it then makes him hold his awkwardly. Sorry, I got side tracked.

I know the principle at the school means well by suggesting life skills class because he felt like we would get the most help there. I feel bad for completely disagreeing with him but I do.


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