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The amazing adventures of Tball!

Oh Tball with the boys is one of my favorite things so far to do with them! I sure love watching them play and seeing them develop talents! I can't express my gratitude for the Tball league and the coach for allowing Calvin to be on the Tball team with Hudson. Calvin has LOVED every minute of being included in what everyone else is doing!

One of my favorite things is that Calvin's sweet Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Smith came to his Tball game on Tuesday (5/9/17). She made him so nervous that he decided to lay on the nice grass when they were in the outfield.... and I may have had to run the bases right beside him. But it was the sweetest thing that she came and supported him and I loved it.

The boys also had a ton of other super fans that Tuesday night that added to Calvin's nerves but helped Hudson's adrenaline! Hudson was playing like a pro for all to see! (He may have thrown a fit the whole way to the game so I was super nervous about the fans coming to cheer him on. But he did amazing and you would never know the fit in the car occurred).

Hudson decided it was a good idea to pick up Keaton....haha.... they are only 5 months apart! Thanks Aunt Shanny, Uncle Braden, Grandma & Grandpa Stoddard for coming to support our boys!


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